Illustration of the hierarchy of decision-making processes. A destination is passed to a route planner that generates a route through the road network. A behavioral layer reasons about the environment and generates a motion specification to progress along the selected route. A motion planner then solves for a feasible motion accomplishing the specification. A feedback control adjusts actuation variables to correct errors in executing the reference path.


  • 根据什么来决定此时的行为?(超车?跟车?变道?)
    • cost function?
  • 决定超车后,如何规划一条可行的轨迹?
  • 不同框架PNC模块的输入是什么?
    • Apollo ?
    • Waymo ?
  • 什么时候会有行为层(behavioral layer)?
  • Apollo中是否有行为层?
  • 哪些模块可以用学习的方法(如:RL, DL)得到?
  • PNC目前存在的难点是什么?